About the Soaps

Before we explain why homemade soap is really special, we need to understand some of the basics of what soap actually is.
Soap really is just any oil that has been treated with a strongly alkaline chemical in order to break the molecular bonds that make oil oily! Naturally, oil repels water. But through the magic of chemistry the alkaline chemical Sodium hydroxide, also known as lye, splits the bonds and makes a molecule that no longer repels water. One end of the soap molecule is attracted to water and the other is attracted to dirt and grease. That is why soap cleans you!

But oil itself is a complex mixture of many different fats. If you think of water as just being H2O, and oil only being "olive oil chemical" for example, you would be mistaken. It is the mixture of many different chemicals in oil that gives different types of soap their properties. Some clean you really well, some will dry up oily skin, and some will moisturize dry skin. Soap-making is much like fine cooking: Often many ingredients go in, and just a little of this or that can make a huge difference. We strive to make the best soap recipe.

What makes your soap different than the soap I can buy in the store?
First off, it is homemade in the USA. 'Nuff said.
But honestly, there are many reasons soap crafted at home is better than the soap you may buy in the store. When you buy soap from Soap Wreck, you are gettingas close to natural as you can get. What we mean is if you purchased unscented soap from us, it is entirely natural. The only synthetic non-soap stuff that ever gets into our soap are 100% safe cosmetic grade colors or fragrances. When we can, we use essential oils such as in our Tea-Tree soap. You can be certain that no nasty chemicals are coming in contact with your body. Another reason is the variety you can get. Unless you only shop at health food stores you will be hard pressed to find the kind of variety of fragrances and designs you get with hand crafted soap from Soap Wreck. Lastly, once you experience a bar of homemade soap from Soap Wreck you will understand what the hype is about!

Why do you use animal products?
Plain-and-simple: Because it makes phenomenal soap.
The only animal fat we use is Tallow, or beef fat. It has been used as a primary oil in soap-making for centuries and the reason is because people love the way it makes soap feel. Any name brand bar soap you will find in the super-market will have tallow in it. Once reacted with Lye, or Sodium Hydroxide, tallow is called "Sodium Tallowate." Look at the ingredient list and you will find it. Most of our bars now have no tallow. Instead, we are using a sustainable and organic alternative called Palm Oil. Our shaving soap still contains tallow, and others may contain it (where noted) when we find the tallow simply cannot be substituted out.

About Palm Oil
Palm oil is an oil extracted from certain palm tree species. It makes a very nice oil that does not spoil quickly, and is very popular in cooking as well as soap making. The problem that happens with natural goods we begin to rely on is that its production often has negative effects on the environment. Areas tend to be deforested and planted with fast growing palms, with the trees being harvested for their oil soon after leaving a mess in the land. Our palm oil however comes from Sustainable efforts in the production of palm oil. Instead of deforesting new areas, old land is reused to grow more palms.

About The Makers

Soap Wreck is a partnership between Carolina Snypes and Tim Harris.
We are both located in the Bay Area of Northern California.

If you have any questions, comments, encouragements, or snide remarks. By all means let us hear them!

Tim: tim@soapwreck.com
Carolina: carolina@soapwreck.com


Here is what people have been saying:

Hi Tim,
My hubby and I met you last weekend at San Ramon's Farmer's Market! We purchased a bar of Lavender soap and grabbed some of your freebies...Wow we are so impressed with the overall quality of your soap! Not only does it smell heavenly (it really scents our whole condo...especially the Absinthe!) but it also soaps up beautifully! I've always found a lot of handmade soaps don't do a good job of cleaning! Bravo you've got all bases covered....

We'll be back this week for a BIG bar of the Absinthe....and hmmmm maybe the Cinnamon Clove!

Thanks for a great product!

Wishing you both lot's of success!

See you soon,
M. & K.