Tragedy :(

We were booted from the farmers market in San Ramon, as were most other artisans that do not sell edible goods. Too bad.


However, with change comes new things. We are going to tenativley accept Bitcoins as a form of currency for purchasing our soap. For more information about this exciting form of online, decentralized currency, click the banner at the bottom of this page.

New Soap!

All of our soap is now completely vegetable based, except our shaving soap which gets its famous smooth and close shave because of the tallow we use.

Our current offerings:

Mojito - A wonderful Lemon-Mint fragrance that will certainly wake you up in the morning.
Mango-Papaya - Good enough to eat! A fresh and fruity summer scent.
Lavender - With home-grown spanish lavender buds. Current picture is not up to date, lavender is now uncolored but still has the fresh buds!
Ginger Orange - Fruity orange with earthy ginger undertones. One of my new favorites, and a custom fragrance mix by us!
Fresh Cut Roses - Smells exactly like a bouquet of roses. Very delicious scent that is not at all over powering.
Absinthe - A slight licorice scent and a spicy body round out this exciting smell.
Eucalyptus - A clean eucalyptus scent that really fills up your shower.
Unscented - It actually smells like nothing!
Ginger-Orange Beer Soap - Made with real home-brewed beer for an extra creamy lather. (It does not smell like beer at all)
Stubble Trouble - Our clove scented tallow based shaving soap. The tallow, as well as some added kaolin clay, give you a slick smooth shave with avacado oil so your skin stays moist
Tea Tree - Wonderful for your skin and smells great too!
Cinnamon Clove - A bit like hot apple cider without the apples! Cinnamon scrubblies for exfoliation!
Dragons Blood - An incense-like fragrance similar to nag champa, but better!

All scents are $5 + shipping, ask about bitcoins! E-mail orders to